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  在安装双边护栏时要准确掌握各种设施的资料,特别是埋设于路基中各种管道的准确位置,在施工过程中不允许对地下设施造成任何破坏.再给护栏网的立柱打入过深时,不得将立柱拔出矫正,需将其基础重新夯时后再打入,或调整立柱位置.施工中接近深度时应注意控制锤击力度.   而当提到定投的现状时,业内人士均表示,目前定投在各家基金公司的运用比较普遍,银行也有积极的配合,投资者对定投已有较高的认知度,参与也很广泛,但在持续数年的弱市环境中,基金定投的业务规模一直未能实现较快的发展。 在此基础上,充分利用国际先进技术的优势,结合国内水质监测治理客户的应用特点,为广大用户提供质量稳定、性能优越的产品和系统解决方案,并且不断地开发新产品,以满足市场需求。

Company Profile

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CMEC COMTRANS INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. (“CMEC COMTRANS” for short) worked on the overseas EPC electric-power engineering projects in 1978 and is the earliest enterprise engaged in engineering logistics service. CMEC COMTRANS has a second-to-none advantage especially in the electric-power engineering logistics industry. Through the successful operation for more than 30 years, CMEC COMTRANS has grown into a market-oriented professional engineering logistics service supplier, providing logistics solutions and implementation services for various kinds of engineering projects. It has now successfully offered engineering logistics services to more than 100 engineering projects. CMEC COMTRANS is continuously seeking innovation during development and its services have been extended to the door-to-door engineering logistics service throughout the whole course and at the meanwhile designs the “tailored” logistics solutions for customers according to their demands and project characteristics to realize the appreciation of customers’ value to the greatest extent.


With extensive management and operations experience, CMEC Comtrans provides logistics services for power, transport, oil and chemicals, new energy, and water treatment industries. CMEC Comtrans has built a sound logistics network covering more than 70 countries across the five continents. The dedication and diligence of the CMEC Comtrans staff has won the trust of its customers and recognition from the industry.

As a professional project logistics service provider, CMEC Comtrans boasts a dedicated and experienced project logistics service team, an advanced logistics management model, and a reliable project safety assurance system. We are committed to offering our customers top-notch project logistics services, thereby providing strong support for customers involved in the fiercely competitive world of international project contracting.



Outstanding Staff

Excellent employees are crucial to any company’s development, and so we encourage diversity in employee development. Our well-educated staff members have a variety of industry backgrounds, and they are offered a full range of training opportunities, including annual training for CIFA and FIATA freight forwarder certificate. Senior staff members with years of hands-on experience mentor younger employees, allowing them to master core project logistics services in a relatively short period of time. These young employees have become the backbone of the company. Our growing team of excellent staff provides a solid foundation for the company’s professional project logistics services.

Advanced Management Systems

Based our years of operational experience, CMEC Comtrans has established a set of scientific and rational management systems. The quality, environmental-friendliness, and safety of our project logistics services are guaranteed by the company’s compliance with the ISO9001 quality management system, the ISO14001environmental management system, and the OHSAS18001 health and safety management system. Thanks to such advanced management systems, we offer safe, timely, and cost-effective logistics services even in remote locations.

Sound Global Logistics Network

Over the years, we have established a sound logistics network of local affiliates and agents covering Asia, Europe, Africa, and America. We have established representative offices or branches in ports near project locations, in order to facilitate communication between project staff, customers, and their domestic colleagues, thus providing outstanding customer service. Furthermore, we have established multi-level partnerships with local and global logistics suppliers to build a seamless project logistics network.